Kathy's Hee Haw Quartet
donkey donkey donkey donkey

It was the year of our 25th anniversary. I had the perfect gift idea for my husband. A camel! Our vet knew someone who raised them, so we were off. I told him we were going to look at his present and all he had to do was say yea or nay...he said maybe later, like 50 years or so...anyway, that gentleman’s ranch is where I first saw a miniature donkey.

They are charming and gentle, love people, and all the attention they can get! They are not bred down to this size. They are naturally small, 36” or less at the withers or shoulders, and originally from Sicily and Sardinia.

A landmark birthday was coming up (I won’t say which one) and that is what I wanted...well after much research and visits with breeders we decided two would be better than one. The “ears” are very much aware of who they are and even though they get along with everyone else, the “girls” hang out together. OK, two donks. I found a pair in Austin and a pair locally (all females or jennets) and finally decided on one from each place. Then the people in Austin didn’t want to separate the pair, so Rick said, “well all right, get three.”

Three didn’t seem to work very well because the two from Austin, Diana and April, are very bonded so Jody seemed an outsider. Now I almost mentioned this to Rick but figured he’d kill me. Later that night he was talking on the phone to a friend and I heard him say, “Yeah three’s not a good number...looks like we’ll have to go back for the other one (Ziggy). Hence, the Hee Haw quartet resides at our place and they greet me enthusiastically every day when I get home.

Needless to say, I was and am delighted to have the four girls. They all get along great with each other and with our horse, two llamas, dog, and three cats.

Just a bar. . .
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