Animals, Habitats, and Manure Wonders for the Urban Rancher
Wildlife and Fisheries
Read wonderful information on backyard and urban wildlife, pond management, wildlife land use, or even learn how to become a Texas Masture Naturalist.
The World of Large Animals
Do your homework and make a confident, well-thought out decision before stepping into the world of large animals. There’s more to it than you can imagine. Also see Feeds and Feeding Cattle.
Animal Connections
When you stop and consider the many ways that animals affect our lives, it can be a bit staggering. We are awestruck by the sight of a soaring bald eagle, amazed at the athletic abilities of the thoroughbred, and moved by a mother lion's tenderness.
Responsible Pet Ownership
Pets play a vital role in our society. They give us companionship, affection, a sense of responsibility, and protection. They also help improve our health by lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and promoting exercise.
All you ever wanted to know about beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, sheeps, goats, and pigs.
The Small Laying Flock
Produce your own eggs with a small laying flock. It might be a little more costly, but could be fun. Then use the manure to fertilize your flower beds and gardens.
Minature Donkeys
People are going crazy for minature donkeys! They are almost as small as German Shepard dogs, docile, and don't eat that much. Read Rhetta's testimony and all about Kathy's Hee Haw Quartet.
Composting Horse Manure
For the horse enthusiast interested in composting, it is important to understand the basic scientific principles and other factors that contribute to successful compost management.
Wildlife Habitat
Habitat is a combination of food, water, shelter, and space arranged to meet the needs of wildlife.
A mini-wetland will provide habitat for many intersting creatures - from butterflies and bees to salamanders, toads, frogs, and birds.
Backyard Pond
Backyard ponds and water gardens are for birds, butterflies, frogs, fish, and you and your family.
Backyard Conservation
Learn to use your own backyard to help improve the environment, help wildlife, and in many cases, make the area more attractive and enjoyable.
Tasty and known for their gourmet quality, quail are inexpensive to produce and require little space.
Controlling Tree Squirrels
They're interesting animals, but in urban and suburban areas they sometimes can be pests.
Raccoon Damage
Raccoons are opportunistic feeders, taking whatever is available. They are also intelligent and can adapt readily to living in close association with people.
Snakes and Their Control
Snakes are very specialized animals and have an important role in our environment. Most are non-poisonous and help control rodent and insect population.
Throughout history, bats have aroused the curiosity and interest of humans. Their ability to fly, their secretiveness, and their nocturnal habits undoubtedly have contributed to bat folklore, superstition and fear.
Controlling Armadillo Damage
Armadillos are beneficial because they eat insects and other invertebrates, but they can damage lawns, gardens and structural foundations. They also are believed to transmit leprosy to humans.
Texas 4H
Within a span of 91 years, 4-H enrollment in Texas has grown from the original 25 corn club members in Jack County in 1908 to more than three quarters of a million in the late 1990s!
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