Aquatic Stuff for the Urban Rancher
Water Gardening in Texas
Water gardens have been woven in the fabric of both human history and the processes of Mother Nature.
Clearing Muddy Ponds(105K)
Muddy ponds are not aesthetically pleasing and may inhibit the growth of natural fish foods.
Aquatic vegetation management can be a perplexing problem. Proper identification is the key to management.
Identify a wetland, or other wet area like a small pond, tank or flooded field, and actively manage it for a specific wildlife species.
Ornamental Garden Pools-TAEX (2850K)
Ornamental pools, long common in the Orient, are becoming very popular in the United States.
Renovation of Farm Ponds(128K)
Farm ponds are tremendous resources for recreation and food production when properly managed.
Soil Considerations in Pond Construction(335K)
Reduce time, labor, and expense when selection the right pond site.
Pond Fertilization(175K)
Increasing the growth of microscopic plants is the key to increasing fish growth.
Catfish Ponds for Recreation(206K)
Small or large ponds can support channel or blue catfish and require minimum effort.
Texas Farm Ponds: Stocking, Assessment and Management Recommendations(789K)
A Consise set of guidelines for stocking and managing fish in new, renovated, or old ponds.
Management of Recreational
Fish Ponds in Texas

A good fishing pond must be managed like a vegetable garden.
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