Soil & Water Basics for the Urban Rancher
Soil Science Education
Get the dirt and learn about soils and soil surveys. Great information for kindergarten thru university ages. The site also features many science fair projects and learning tools.
National Soil Survey Center
Soil surveys help people understand soils and their responses to a variety of natural and human influences. They include predictions of soil behavior related to uses in an urban, agronomic, or natural environment.
Soil Testing ... Video Style
Using video clips, Dr. Tony Provin, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, takes you through soil sampling step-by-step.
How to Collect and Send Soil Samples
Soil testing can be a cost effective indicator of the types and amounts of fertilizer and lime needed to improve yields.
Soil Submittal Sheet
Adobe Acrobat form used to submit soil samples to the Soil, Water and Forage Testing Laboratory at Texas A&M University.
Drought Information
Current drought information provided by the Texas Water Information Network. Drought protection on a budget.
Save Water Around Your Home
Rainfall levels in most parts of Texas are expected to remain below normal the rest of this year and into 2001. Educate yourself about your local water supply system and the need to make the most efficient use of water during these drought years.
Hydrogen Sulfide in Drinking Water
Drinking water with a nuisance "rotten egg" odor contains hydrogen sulfide. Although typical concentration in household water are not a health risk, high concentrations do affect the taste.
Need Water?
50% of the total U.S. population uses ground water supplies for drinking water. 97% of the rural U.S. population uses ground water supplies for drinking water.
Texas Waternet
The Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) has worked for 30 years to meet the water resources challenges facing Texans.
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