Garden Basins

Step 1.

Dig a shallow depression in the ground. You may put scallop or fluted edging as you dig or a simple smooth basin. The diameter depends on the size of basin you want to make.

Step 2.

Once the basin has been dug, mix concrete thoroughly according to package instructions. Slightly thicker is better.

Step 3.

Pour concrete into basins by the shovel fulls. When a large part of the concrete mixture has been put into the basins, begin flattening it and pulling the mixture up the sides of the depression. Leave it an inch or two in thickness.

Step 4.

Pat the surface smooth with your hands and press tree leaves into the concrete to create leaf designs. The more you pat the stronger it gets, the less likelihood there will be air pockets, and the smoother the surface will be.

Step 5.

Let the concrete basins harden for a week or two.

Step 6.

Begin digging carefully around the edges of the hardened basins. Gently pry upward with a shovel and the basins should pop out of the ground. The more you dig under it, the less likely it will break.

These instructions were created by Dr. Joe Novak, Senior Lecturer, Department of Horticultural Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.