Greenhouses for the Urban Rancher

History of Greenhouses
Greenhouses have come a long way since the wealthy Europeans and Americans used them to grow oranges and pineapples in glass structures known as orangeries and pineries. These structures became status symbols as well as a practical way to grow fruits, vegetables and exotic plants.

A Small Backyard Greenhouse
Publication presenting plans and instructions for an easily constructed greenhouse that cost about $100 and may be used for many purposes.

Planning and Building A Greenhouse
Careful planning is important before a home greenhouse project is started. Building a greenhouse does not need to be expensive or time-consuming. The final choice of the type of greenhouse will depend on the growing space desired, home architecture, available sites, and costs. The greenhouse must, however, provide the proper environment for growing plants.

Greenhouse Coverings and Structures
Many advances in greenhouse materials and designs have occurred in the last few years. Traditionally, greenhouses were made of glass and all had a similar structure. Today, however, a great variety exists, and the materials chosen depend on production goals and financial constraints.

The Hobby Greenhouse
A greenhouse gives a homeowner an opportunity to grow plans year-round in a controlled environment. While a greenhouse can be either a substantial or nominal investment, success as a hobby greenhouse grower will depend on the degree of environmental control that can be maintained in the structure.

A Poor Man's Greenhouse
How to create a simple, cheap greenhouse for seed germination.

Used Greenhouses
Greenhouse classifieds, both for sale and wanted to buy. Who would have known?

Free To Cheap Green-House Growing, Part 1. Part 2.
Can your pocketbook afford a greenhouse? If not, make little greenhouses out of what you have around, or could get inexpensively.

Affordable Greenhouses
Nancy Maltais guides you to several affordable greenhouse suppliers.

Ready For A Greenhouse?
For avid gardeners a greenhouse is an essential outdoor room for plants. It's a cozy year-round home for orchids or other exotics, a winter shelter for tender perennials like geraniums, and a nursery for starting seeds weeks before the last spring frost. Knowing your options can help you decide.

Tour Greenhouse Construction
A couple in Ohio built a greenhouse and shed from their own design. Tour the construction.

Designing The Passive Sunspace
This technical brief describes basic functioning of passive sunspaces and offers guidelines for designing and sizing them.

Greenhouse Kits

Sun Country

Gardening Things

Hobby Gardens

Greenhouse Plans

Greenhouse plans
Blueprints for the greenhouses illustrated are available from the Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service.

Greenhouse Construction
The Sundance Design and Installation Guide takes you through everything from size and style to foundations, framing, heating, ventilation, glazing and shading.

For sale. greenhouse plans.

For sale. Do-it yourself project plans.

Free. Plans for solar greenhouse.

Free. Greenhouse bench plans.

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