Pasture grasses for the Urban Rancher

More Publications For Owners Of Larger Acreage
Or For Those Who Want Additional Knowledge

Forage Establishment, Management, and Utilization Fundamentals
Each year, people who do not come from a farm or ranch background become involved in forage management.
Utilizing Forages in Texas
Forage species adapted for use as hay crops or grazeable forages in the South. Visit discussion board at the Center for Grazingland and Ranch Management.
Reducing Winter Feeding Costs
Making a profit is not the greatest motivation for many farmers but reducting operating costs is.
Herbicides Labeled for Pasture Use
A list of herbicides describing trade names, chemical names, controls, and grazing restrictions.
Economics of Forage Fertilization
Fertilizing improved pastures can be a big part of the expense involved in growing forage for hay and/or grazing.
Renovation of Bermudagrass Pastures
Pasture renovation is a practice or series of management practices which “restores the vigor” or “makes new again”.
Forage Management for Non-Native Deer Farming
Statements based on experience working with deer farms forage programs.
Deer Food Plots Guidelines
Guidelines for developing deer food plots.
Wildlife Forage Areas for White-Tailed Deer
White-tailed deer are a $3 billion business annually in Texas and growing.
Know Your Grasses
A photo index of grasses provided by the Noble Foundation in Ardmore, Oklahoma.
Forage Analysis Submittal Form
Forage nutrient testing is the most effective method for determining potential deficiences or toxicities,and forage nutritional value.
Weed Identification
A list of useful weed identification and control web links provided by Billy Warrick, Texas Agricultural Extension Service in San Angelo, Texas.
Understanding Forage Quality Analysis
Information about the various terms associated with forage quality analysis.
Sampling Hay Bales and Pastures for Forage Anaylsis
Proper sampling is key for accurate and meaningful analysis.
Matching Enterprises to Resources
Owning land is lot like playing five card stud. Really? The challenge for each individual landowner is to figure out which system is right for his/her particular set of resources.
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