Homes and Maintenance for the Urban Rancher
Home Buyer Education
Do you know what you really want in a new home? Take a test using a "20 Bean Budget." Also learn about how to budget, shop for a new home, inspect old structures and buy a manufactured home.
Have You Heard of Universal Design?
Universal design accommodates varying needs throughout a person's life. The design features should be safe and easy for all users to operate and maintain, and adaptable for a variety of users.
Texas Real Estate Research Center
Texas' rural land is not just for farming and ranching anymore. Affluent city dwellers whose desire for rural properties have sent prices for farm and ranchland soaring. Also see Realtor.Com.
Real Estate Glossary
Buying and selling a home can be a scary experience, even if it isn't your first one. Use this glossary to make yourself more prepared for the professionals and documents you'll encounter in your real estate experiences.
Energy Star
Have you ever wondered what the star really means?
Energy Star Home Improvement Toolbox
Get the five top energy saving improvements for your home. Learn how Energy Star can save you money on your next home improvement project and even visit the Home Doctor.
Water Management Checklist For The Home
One of the best ways of wasting water is a leaky faucet, which at a rate of only one drop per second, adds up to nearly 2,500 gallons per year.
Home Maintenance and Repair
Learn how to do a million things. You will amaze yourself by reading all the full text articles on topics of home maintenance and repair.
Cleaning Recipes for a Healthy Home
Recipes for environmentally friendly household products including.
Maintenance and Repair of Textile and House Surfaces
Accumulation of debry on your roof? Deoderant stains on your shirts? Skunk odor in your wall?
Indoor Air Hazards
Read all the signs of possible home indoor air quality problems.
Indoor Air Quality
Educate yourself about air cleaners, secondhand smoke and many more types of air pollution.
If A Fire Stikes - Escape Fast!
Could your family survive a fire? Every year about 6,000 people die in fires in their homes. Plan an escape route and post on your refrigerator.
Smoke Detectors For Your Home
Home fires are a serious threat to your family's safety. Most deaths and injuries occur in fires that happen at night while the victims are asleep.
Improving Farm and Home Waste Management
Waste is enevitable.Things which have been outgrown, broken, replaced, or are just no longer needed all add to the waste produced at homes and around farmsteads.
Managing Household Waste
There are many ways to reduce household waste and many alternatives for disposing of the waste you do make.
Home & Garden Television
This is the only network devoted to providing comprehensive information to inspire the home enthusiast. Just imagine what you can do!
Help Yourself To A Healthy Home
We all want to live in a safe neighborhood and home. But is your home a safe and healthy place to be? Download this 24 page booklet free.
Rural Driveway Design
A major problem associated with living in the country is building and maintaining an adequate, all weather access route to your house, barn or other areas of your property.
Protect Yourself From Dangers of Rural Driving
When you're driving on a highway in a rural area, you're at greater risk for a fatal crash than when you're driving in the city.
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