Inspiration for the Urban Rancher

Female Shoppers Only!
Femail Creations was featured in an article entitled "Make Your Dreams Come True" for the premier issue of Oprah Magazine.

Carol's House
Carol and her husband made a decision to connect and create rather than defeat and conquer. Read her story and tour her house.

Karen's Story
When life spun out of control Karen found creativity in Round Top, Texas. Her story in the Houston Chronicle. Her husband, Bud, has a story too!
The only web site devoted exclusively to finding the most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America.

52 Ways To Simplify Your Life
From a few quiet moments alone to basic methods for losing clutter such as getting off junk mail lists, here are 52 smart and simple ways to ease life's hectic pace. Ideal for anyone looking for peace of mind.
The Rural Studio is a multifaceted program with the ultimate goal of improving the education of students while simultaneously improving the quality of life in one of the poorest regions in the nation.

Fight Poverty in Rural America
Make a difference by joining The Box Project, Inc. Their mission is to enhance the lives of individuals and families living in rural poverty by matching them with other Americans who offer friendship and help them break their cycle of poverty.

Rebecca's Garden
"The garden is an extension of personal expression and it's a way to do your own thing without any rules."

The Faces of Adventure
Faces and faces of people who search for adventure every day.

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