Life and Health for the Urban Rancher
So You Wanna
The wild goose chase ends here! teaches you how to do all things nobody taught you in school. It's life explained.
Find out how stuff works.
Learn answers to all sorts of questions about your body or even how a Magna Doodle works. Amazing stuff. Have some fun learning useless knowledge too.
Health Education Rural Outreach
Improve your health by reading Health Hints and learning protective behaviors.
Accessing Reliable Health Information
Identify ways to find reliable health information both on and off the Internet.
Country Living - Isolation Issues
People who have moved from a metropolitan area to a rural community may not share the same interests as their new rural neighbors and no longer share the same interests as their former urban friends.
Health Quackery
Quacks-people who sell unproven remedies-have been around for years. You may remember the "snake oil" salesman who traveled from town to town making amazing claims about his "fabulous" product. Today's quack is only a little more slick. Beware.
Family Life Publications
North Dakota State University Extension Service provides a wide range of helpful, easy downloadable family publications. You can even take a stress test.
Family Life Library
Kansas State has extension publications on topics such as parenting and family relationships, stepping stones for step families, and violence at home. One favorite is At The Heart of Their Art.
Free WonderWise Parenting Courses
Educational experiences on disciplining children, the formation of healthy and compassionate conscience, and contact with grandparent type people abound. There is no cost to participate, no tests or grades. You proceed entirely on your own, at your own pace and may visit as often as you wish.
Rob Reiner's I Am Your Child Campaign
"I don't think we could ever measure the importance of reading, singing, and talking to our kids from the very beginning. Or how established rituals and routines help develop a child's sense of security and ability to understand how the world works around them."
Food & Nutrition
Enjoy a smorgasbord of facts. Learn about fiber, herbs, fad diets, and calcium needs for teenagers. Plus, enjoy fruit frency exercises.
Country Life
A country living Resource and Community. This site was created out of love for the country way of life and a desire to share the good feelings and knowledge that go along with it.
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