Vegetable gardening for the Urban Rancher

In war times, growing gardens may yield relaxing, useful benefits.

America's First Composter
"As evidence of George Washington's devotion to composting, he erected a highly unusual building specifically designed to compost "manure" and to facilitate its "curing" into usable fertilizer."
This dark, crumbly, earthy-smelling stuff works wonders on all kinds of soil and provides vital nutrients to help plants grow and look better.
Worm Suppliers
A comprehensive list of worm suppliers for compost, soil improvement, and bait!
Mulching is one of the simplest and most beneficial practices you can use in a garden.
squash seed bush bean seed cabbage seed tomato seed carrot seed raddish seed
Speciality Vegetables
To someone living in New England, jicama may seem pretty eccentric, but to a resident of Mexico, it's the equivalent of the potato.
History, design, plans, kits, publications, and humor about greenhouse construction.
Bugs In Your Vegetables!
Identify the problem in your garden by scanning images of pests or by finding the most common pest problems of common vegetable crops.
Cucurbit Disorders
Correctly identifying a problem is the first step in environmental pest management.
Plant answers
Questions and answers about gardening provided by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service.
Junior Master Gardeners
A youth program that uses fun activities to teach horticulture and environmental science concepts.
Square Foot Gardening
"A uniquely simplified method of gardening that allows you to grow 100% percent of the harvest in only 20% of the space and without all the hard work and drudgery of single row gardening."
"We envision a world that recognizes our relationship with food as key to maintaining a healthy planet." A great example of a project society.
Start A Neighbourgardens
"Neighbourgardens was established in Vancouver to connect land-owners who have garden space they do not use, with land-less gardeners who would like the use of a garden, primarily to grow fresh vegetables in."
Organic Living
Lots of people are interested in living more basic, more organic. Visit some family farms and informational websites to see if it's the life for you.
Food Preservation
Cannings, freezing, and pickling guidance, tips, information, and links to help you store fruits and vegetables. Also, help making jellies, jams and preserves.
If you grow it, you should cook it. Lots of online recipe sources. Even a website to create your own personal cookbook.
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