Organic Gardening for the Urban Rancher
Organic Lifestyles
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Producing Garden Vegetables With Organic Soil Amendments
"The distinguishing feature of organic gardening is that it uses only naturally-occurring materials for all phases of the growing operation­­from improving the soil, fertilizing, and liming, to preventing and solving pest problems."

Friendly Pesticides For The Home Garden
"When we think of organic gardening, we often conjure up the image of a crop grown free of any pesticides. However, the concept of organic gardening is much more broad, and, believe it or not, many types of pesticides are permitted. These pesticides can be included in pest management programs in home landscape situations."

Cultural Control Practices
"Earth-Kind gardening promotes an environmentally sound stance on pesticide and fertilizer use, water quality, resource conservation, and solid waste management. Earth-Kind gardening encourages non-chemical practices such as cultural, mechanical, and biological controls for garden pests."

Organic Style
"The art of living in balance."

Rodale Organic Gardening
"Organic Gardening, the source for information about growing a beautiful, healthy gardens in harmony with Nature."

Eatwell Farm
"Eatwell Farm is a 17 acre organic farm in the Sacramento Valley in Northern California. In 1998 we were lucky enough to be able to buy 65 acres four miles down the road. This farm is in transition to organic. This means we are farming it organically but produce from this land cannot be called organic until 3 years have passed."

Malcolm Beck and Garden-Ville have taken decades of real-world organic farming experience and developed an entire line of organic gardening Products -- from Organic Fertilizers to Compost to Pest Controls -- to help gardeners and horticultural professionals achieve their goals naturally.

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